Ibd Sufferers: You Can End the Struggle

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Ibd Sufferers: You Can End the Struggle

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis eight years ago, and I was told that I would likely struggle with flare-ups for the rest of my life. I heard stories of other sufferers who had to eventually have their colons removed, and I became determined to not become part of this statistic. I was prescribed a daily medication that helps manage my condition, and although I don't like taking pills, I realize I need it to keep my colon healthy. I still experienced flares, so I began an elimination diet recommended by my doctor and found my "trigger" foods. I have now been flare-free for two years! I created this blog to help remind others with IBD that there is hope. You can end the constant struggle if you work with your doctor to try different methods of controlling your disease.

3 Absolute Must-Haves For Maintaining Healthy Skin

Everybody wants to have skin that looks young and healthy, but unfortunately many of the cosmetic products currently on the market are ineffective at treating damaged skin. Therefore, to keep your skin looking fresh, consider adding the following to your daily skin care routine:


Retinoids are typically used to help treat acne and hyper-pigmentation; however, you don't need to have a skin condition to benefit from using retinoids. This is because of the manner in which retinoids treat your skin. Specifically, they work quickly to accelerate your body's cell turnover, which means that old cells are replaced by newer, healthier cells at a much faster rate than normal. This increased cell turnover reduces the risk of developing clogged pores, which, over time, could lead to the development of spots and other skin blemishes

In addition to rejuvenating your skin, retinoids also have some anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce the development of rashes and redness. Overall, retinoids are a great product for keeping your skin clear, evening out your skin tone, and repairing any sun-induced damage from sitting out in the good weather for too long.


Antioxidants are great, all-natural compounds that can really help give you smooth and healthy skin. And the great thing about antioxidants is the fact that you don't have to buy expensive chemical-laden products to see the benefits. Rather, antioxidants occur naturally in many foods, and by incorporating the right type of foods into your diet, you can see a significant improvement in your complexion over a short period of time.

Antioxidants work by preventing the negative effects of free radicals, which attack your body's cells by oxidation. Specifically, these free radicals steal electrons from other molecules in your body, which causes the damaged cells to lose their integrity. Whilst your body can handle – and in fact, requires -- some free radicals, an overload of free radicals can severely damage your complexion. Therefore, by increasing your intake of antioxidants, you give your body the necessary defense mechanism to protect against the damaging effects of free radicals.

In order to ensure you are consuming enough antioxidants, consider adding more of the following to your diet:

  • Oranges, blackcurrants and spinach, which are great sources of Vitamin C.

  • Any type of seafood or lean meats, which both contain ample amounts of zinc, manganese and Beta-carotene.

  • Vegetable oils, nuts, and whole grains, which contain high amounts of Vitamin E.


When it comes to using cosmetic skin products, peptides are one of the most important ingredients you should be looking out for. Peptides are actually naturally occurring amino acids in your skin, which give your skin elasticity and ensure it remains firm over time. By using cosmetic products that contain peptides, you are replenishing your skin with these vital compounds that will keep you looking young and fresh as you age.

Cosmetic products that contain peptides will have been lab tested to ensure the peptides work as intended, and the creams will work on your skin from the inside out, erasing wrinkles and keeping your skin plump. When you begin using peptides, it's important to remain vigilant, as it will take between four and 12 weeks before you start seeing results. Furthermore, it's important to continue using them after you start seeing results, as your body needs a continuous supply of these amino acids in order to keep your skin looking young.

By using each of the above, you will keep your skin looking firm and healthy over time. If, after a lengthy period of time, you don't see any positive results, consider contacting a specialist skin doctor of clinic such as Dermatology Surgery Center for professional advice.