Ibd Sufferers: You Can End the Struggle

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Ibd Sufferers: You Can End the Struggle

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis eight years ago, and I was told that I would likely struggle with flare-ups for the rest of my life. I heard stories of other sufferers who had to eventually have their colons removed, and I became determined to not become part of this statistic. I was prescribed a daily medication that helps manage my condition, and although I don't like taking pills, I realize I need it to keep my colon healthy. I still experienced flares, so I began an elimination diet recommended by my doctor and found my "trigger" foods. I have now been flare-free for two years! I created this blog to help remind others with IBD that there is hope. You can end the constant struggle if you work with your doctor to try different methods of controlling your disease.

Morning Sickness Got You Down? 5 Tricks to Quell the Queasiness

No matter how many books you read before pregnancy, nothing prepares you for morning sickness. Morning sickness is one of those side effects of pregnancy that most women would like to avoid. If you're experiencing morning sickness, don't despair. Here are some tricks that will help quell the queasiness.

Get an Early Start

If you're in the habit of jumping out of bed as soon as you wake up, you may be setting yourself up for a raging case of morning sickness – especially if your queasiness goes into hyper-drive on an empty stomach. To get control of the queasiness before it starts, eat a small snack before you get out of bed. Keep an orange or a pack of crackers next to your bed. Eating a small snack and drinking a bit of water before you start your day will help reduce the morning sickness.

Eat Smaller Meals

If you're finding that you're getting sick between meals, try eating smaller meals throughout the day. Eating several small meals, instead of three larger meals, may help stabilize your hunger pangs so that you can avoid the debilitating effects of morning sickness. It's also a good idea to keep snacks on hand. Keep a few snacks in your purse, car, and even at the office. That way, you can grab something to nibble on as soon as you start to feel queasy.

Try a Bland Diet

Spicy food can increase the symptoms of morning sickness. If you've been battling morning sickness, try switching to a bland diet. Getting rid of the spicy foods will help settle your stomach and reduce the queasiness you're experiencing.

Avoid Dehydration

Dehydration can also ignite the flames of morning sickness. While you're pregnant – and particularly during the morning sickness phase – keep a bottle of water on you at all times. If you can't stomach plain water during pregnancy – many women can't – try adding a dry juice packet to your bottle of water. You can also enjoy frozen grapes, or Popsicles when you're feeling dehydrated.

Talk to Your Doctor

If your morning sickness has gotten out of control, and you're not able to keep any food down, it's time to talk to your doctor. Hyperemesis gravidarum is a condition that can undermine your health and the health of your baby. Some of the warning signs of hyperemesis gravidarum include:

  • Severe Nausea
  • Decrease in urination
  • Headaches

If you experience any of those symptoms, contact an OB/GYN like those at Advanced OB-GYN Services for information about treatment.