Ibd Sufferers: You Can End the Struggle

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Ibd Sufferers: You Can End the Struggle

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis eight years ago, and I was told that I would likely struggle with flare-ups for the rest of my life. I heard stories of other sufferers who had to eventually have their colons removed, and I became determined to not become part of this statistic. I was prescribed a daily medication that helps manage my condition, and although I don't like taking pills, I realize I need it to keep my colon healthy. I still experienced flares, so I began an elimination diet recommended by my doctor and found my "trigger" foods. I have now been flare-free for two years! I created this blog to help remind others with IBD that there is hope. You can end the constant struggle if you work with your doctor to try different methods of controlling your disease.

Four Benefits Of Choosing A Family Practice

When selecting a primary care provider, you want to make sure you have a doctor who can provide the care you need for all of your medical concerns. If you have a family, choosing a family practice for your primary care provider can offer a host of benefits. Here are just some of the many reasons to consider a family practice like Choice Medical Group for your healthcare and the care of your whole family.

Broad Range Of Expertise

Family practitioners have experience treating a broad range of medical conditions, from pediatric illnesses to geriatric conditions. This means that you can get the care you need at every stage of life. You can visit one doctor for your whole-body healthcare needs, and the practitioner can coordinate care with specialists as needed. This is also helpful for ensuring your children have consistent care as they approach adulthood, as they won't have to transition from a pediatrician to a general practitioner.

Whole-Family Care

If you have a genetic or hereditary condition, your family practitioner can treat your condition and help to determine if your children are at-risk for developing the condition as well. Knowing the whole family's medical history can make it easier to identify the warning signs of certain conditions, and it can also help you and your children to adjust your diets and lifestyles to avoid medical complications down the road. For example, if you have a family history of heart disease, your family practitioner can help to coordinate care for you and your family to maintain your heart health.

Lasting Relationships

One of the benefits of choosing a family practice is the ability to form lasting relationships with your primary care provider. Your doctor will be familiar with not only your health history, but with your personality and family life. This can help you to feel more comfortable talking about your health concerns, and it also makes it easy for your children to select a healthcare provider when they are ready to start a family.

Ease Of Scheduling

By using one family practice for all of the members of your family, it's easy to schedule physicals and checkups as needed. You can schedule all of your appointments in the same day, and you won't have to drive all over town to get medical care for you and your children. In the event that everyone in your house becomes ill, you might even be able to schedule a group appointment to coordinate care for everyone.

If you don't already use a family practice for your healthcare, consider making the transition. You can enjoy continuous care from the same physician for every member of your family throughout their whole lives.